19 Dec Where Were They Then: John Connor

John Connor was expelled from school for having a loaded tec 9 semi-automatic weapon in his locker.  The local authorities were quickly alerted to the scene and arrested the student.  Authorities then brought him in for questioning.   They asked John why he would bring a loaded gun to school — Connor began to tell them about a bizarre story involving time travel, terminators with red eyes, Skynet, Judgment Day, and alternate timelines.

Connor explained how his dad traveled back in time to protect his mom and this was, in fact, how he was conceived.  The boy rambled on about how one terminator tried to kill him but then that same terminator became his friend afterwards.  He also added that some terminators could shape shift into police officers (John quickly got nervous when he looked around the room) while others look like bodybuilders and often quoted as saying “[they] will come back” or be back, something like that.

Finally he explained how he is the key to saving the human race from Skynet, a conscious, gestalt, artificial general intelligence system.  After hearing all of this, the local authorities decided not to press criminal charges and recommended sending him straight into a mental institution instead.