27 Jul Where are They Now

Dr Hank McCoy announced that he will no longer turn into “Beast”. He will continue to take the serum he created to derive his mutation. Geneticist and Professor at Xavier’s school for gifted youngster’s made the announcement after his students kept mistaking him for a Pokemon. The popular mobile game “Pokemon Go” has taken the nation by storm (pun intended) with over 75 million downloads. Now students who attend Dr Hank McCoy’s class kept walking up to him and pointing their cell phones at him in an attempt to capture him as they would do a Pokemon. It became such a distraction as lectures would be interrupted constantly and classes would be delayed. Now to avoid any more disturbances the Dr Hank McCoy will start taking his serum. Dr Hank Mccoy will also offer the serum to any other mutants who face similar cases of mistaken identity. As the fight for mutant rights continues just add this to list of many forms of discrimination.