16 Feb Where Are They Now: Thor

The “god of thunder” is in trouble again.  Thor is now banned from every bar in New York City.  Maybe it’s an Asgardian thing, but for whatever reason, Thor likes to smash glasses of beer to the ground whenever he’s finished — you can imagine how upset bar owners can get.  Each night starts off similar, Thor walks into the bar an Avenger, one of Earth’s Mightiest heroes and everyone’s happy, but when he starts drinking, he smashes a glass to the ground and shouts “I’ll have another” — then everyone at the bar starts doing it.  They smash drinks to the ground and shout “I’ll have another”, the owner ends up running out of glasses, pitchers, cups, etc. and is forced to shut down.  Bar owners should of took notice as he did this before at a cafe in New Mexico.  Maybe bars should serve in plastic cups, whenever he walks in, who knows.