13 Jan Where Are They Now: Sam Thomson

Sam Thomson, daughter of famous Riggan Thomson, made a name for herself in the digital world when she launched her YouTube channel Sam-i-Am back in 2014.  Sam’s channel is a mecca for viral content and displays the weekly outlandish pranks Thomson & friends take part in on the streets of New York.

Her first and most popular video features her father running around Time Square with nothing, but a smile and some tighty whities.  As of today, the viral masterpiece has garnered north of 630 million views on YouTube.  Since it’s launch on Sam-i-Am back in 2014, Thomson has been vocal about donating the ad revenue proceeds from the video to nonprofit organizations that focus on aiding individuals struggling with depression or contemplating suicide.  Sam Thomson has truly been a pillar to her community over the past two years donating approx. $2.1 Million Dollars to various organizations.

Unfortunately, the giving will now come to an end as her video has been dinged with a recent copyright violation and Thomson can no longer receive funds from the video.  The McDonald’s logo seen in the background of the video triggered a copyright claim yesterday evening and all funds will now go to the McDonald’s company.

In a recent story time vlog on her channel this morning, Sam stated, “the only thing worse than suicide is when someone else pulls the trigger for them”.  Although she never mentioned McDonald’s by name in the post, many of her fans in the comment section were able to connect the dots.  Sam has opted to remove all monetization on the video and took to twitter to tweet “If the needy can’t have it, corporate america can’t either”.  A link to her story time vlog is below.