21 Jan Where Are They Now: Pete Ross

The IHOP v. Superman court case has been thrown out as their star witness Pete Ross actually defended and sided with the “Man of Steel”.  The International House of Pancakes tried to recuperate its losses after Superman crashed into one of their restaurants in Smallville, Kansas.  Even though Superman was in the midst of fighting one of the Kryptonian menaces, Sub-Commander Faora-Ul (Lieutenant of General Zod), the breakfast chain still felt Superman should be held responsible for the destruction.  However, their case unraveled when Pete Ross came to Superman’s defense.  Witnesses in the courtroom said that Pete Ross showed real emotion in Superman’s defense — one witnessed described it “as if he were a childhood friend coming to the aid of his buddy” and another said “it was like Superman saved him once before” given how Ross spoke with such conviction.  

Since Ross is an Employee/Manager of the restaurant and was at the scene, the judge felt they had no case.  Now we just have to wait and see how the  7-Eleven v. Superman and the Sears v. Superman cases pan out.  I’m sure Superman is hoping that there is a Pete Ross in both courtrooms.