08 Dec Where Are They Now: Lego Batman

TMZ is reporting that Lego Batman has broken up with his on/off again girlfriend & world renown singer Adele.  The two began dating after the Caped Crusader broke up with Wildstyle (scene above) and have had a tumultuous relationship since.  Sources tell us [he] is taking the breakup hard.  Batman released a track in response to Adele’s “Hello” with his own version “Goodbye”.  The melodic lyrics read “Goodbye from the Batcave — You must’ve Bat-signaled a thousand times — To tell me I’m dark and brooding, with no parents now no girlfriend.”  Batman is obviously no stranger to love lost — after his break up with Taylor Swift, he went on a 3 day binge culminating in him crashing the Batmobile into Swifts’ home. When asked by reporters on the scene as to why he crashed his Batmobile into the singer’s home he simply replied, “Because, I’m Batman”.  Here’s to hoping he doesn’t crash the Batwing after this latest breakup.