15 Jan Where Are They Now: Jurassic World

By a narrow 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court reversed the District Court’s decision to certify a class action lawsuit in which the plaintiff class, which included 19.3 million Jurassic World patrons who attended the June 12, 2016 massacre, alleged the Jurassic World company of putting ticket holders’ lives in danger after they set the Indominus Rex loose in the theme park.

The Lead plaintiff Erica Brand, a Verizon Wireless manager, was visiting the park earlier this year on business when, as she claims, “all hell broke loose”.  The Supreme Court’s decision to reverse the class action lawsuit comes as a surprise since hundreds of thousands of people lost their lives that horrific day and Claire, the park’s operation manager that day, was vocal with reporters that it was definitely Jurassic World’s fault.

The board of directors for Jurassic World have been highly criticized for refusing to pay medical expenses for the victims and declined to offer comments regarding the Supreme Court’s recent decision.