08 Feb Where Are They Now: Jason Bourne

“The NYPD is still after Jason Bourne” — Police Commissioner William Bratton said as much in an interview with the New York times.  Bratton stressed the embarrassment of Bourne stealing the department’s Chevy Impala police car and causing so much damage to not only the city, but to the department’s reputation.

The NYPD shouldn’t feel to bad though — Bourne has been embarrassing authorities all across world.  In the year 2002 in Switzerland he beat up two police officers half asleep waking up from a park bench.  In that same year he evaded authorities at the U.S Embassy in Zurich.  He punched one officer in the groin and then threw him down a flight of stairs.  Also who can forget the incident in Naples where a CIA field officer had him detained with an armed guard and Bourne mind you from a seated position, was able to disarm them both and then knock them unconscious.  It’s safe to say that if Bourne ever resurfaces, it won’t be just the NYPD looking to right a few wrongs.