16 Jan Where Are They Now: Henry “Mutt” Jones, III

The Henry Jones College of The Arts at the University of Chicago is under heavy scrutiny as alumni and donors are in an uproar following recent reports revealing that a former professor, Henry “Mutt” Jones III, may have had political affiliations with the Nazis terrorist organization dating back to 1957.  Henry Jones III retired as the fencing instructor and literature professor back in 2005.  The former professor’s contributions to the college were unprecedented and following his retirement, donors lobbied to honor him by naming the college after him.

Jones has been unavailable to comment on the allegations, but a source close to the family cited that “although the reports have been blown out of proportion, there is some truth that Jones had a connection with the Nazis”.  The source went on to summarize a family trip Jones attended with his mother and father during the year of 1957.  The trip to the Amazon was interrupted by KGB agents and the discussions between the KGB soldiers, Jones, his father, mother, and mentor is their business as well as the FBI’s.  The source went on to explain that the U.S. government is fully aware of Henry’s past encounters with Nazis and the university has nothing to worry about.