17 Dec Where Are They Now: Groot

Nova Corps is developing a language curriculum for its cadets next semester.  They are going to study many different languages from all across the Galaxy.  One example is that they will learn “Groot language” — cadets are expected to understand the differences between adjectives like “I Am Groot”, some verbs like “I Am Groot” — In addition, cadets will be trained how to avoid curse words such as “I Am Groot”  and how to say thank you, “I AM Groot”.  Only those who excel in the curriculum will have time to learn to use words in the past tense and words in the present tense like “I Am Groot” and “I Am Groot”.  Nova Corps is excited at the opportunity to focus on the nuances & rich depth this language has.

Now Groot was so happy that he wrote a very detailed, extremely lengthy letter to Nova Corps expressing his gratitude for the fact that more people will learn his native language, and how the event will help break down language barriers.  The content of that letter it read “I Am Groot,”  Sincerely, Groot.