14 Dec Where Are They Now: Edward Scissorhands

Dr Phil had a very special guest on his show this week — Edward Scissorhands.  Presumed dead, and a person of interest in the murder of a local high school boy named Jim (he was later exonerated in the case), the ageless Mr. Scissorhands revealed some intriguing pieces of information about his life, well mainly his hands.  Dr. Phil asked Edward to describe some of the liabilities of not having hands and his answer shocked Dr. Phil as well as the studio audience.  Many people thought that he would talk about the obstacles of eating, drinking, writing or cleaning himself, wiping his own rear end even, but what Edward described was never being able to win a game of Rock Paper Scissors.  He explained that because of his disability he must always choose scissors and that his opponent can simply choose rock every single time, and since rock beats scissors well he loses every single game.

He began to explain scenarios in which he would lose out on the last chocolate bar or always have to do chores, or simply get stuck doing the most dangerous things.  Scissorhands went into detail about a horrific ordeal in which he once lost 100 straight games in a row and how each time he hoped the person would just pick paper once, just once and it never happened.  Visibly shaken, Edward as you know has scars across his face but during that interview he  really showed Dr. Phil and the studio audience the emotional scars of never ever winning a game of Rock Paper Scissors.  To cap off the interview Dr. Phil played a game of Rock Paper Scissors with Edward in which Dr. Phil chose paper, much to the delight Edward but unfortunately as a result Dr. Phil had to be rushed to the hospital with severe lacerations to his hand, doctors say they may have to amputate.