06 Jan Where Are They Now: Dr. Hannibal Lecter

The FBI is still testing samples taken from Hannibal Lecter’s dinner party.  As it turns out the liver that was served at the party was that of a local florist’s.  The intestines were not of a pigs but of his masseuse and the leg of lamb marinade served with chianti was not of a lamb but the gardener that had been missing for few weeks.  The 25 or so guests that were in attendance have been all treated for any food poisoning or notable physical ailments due to the fact that they were cannibals that evening.  Mr. Lecter is notorious for disguising parts of victims in his dishes.  The FBI were tipped after someone recognized Mr. Lecter in a photo taken by one of his guests.  He had been living under a false identity.  Lecter is still at large as he evaded capture at his residence.  Any tips on Dr. Hannibal Lecter’s whereabouts are to be reported immediately to local authorities.