11 Jan Where Are They Now: Dr. Bruce Banner

Lizabeth Cohen, the Dean of the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University, has announced today that Dr. Bruce Banner will no longer be the head of the psychology and human behavior department.  Harvard, established in 1636, is the oldest higher education institution in the country — given it’s rich history. they felt they needed someone to help them in a world that is changing drastically. “Mutants”, “Miracles”, “Meta-humans,”, “Inhumans”, or whatever you want to call them and Artificial Intelligence, or “A.I” walk among exist and walk among us.  Given these drastic changes in society, the school felt that Dr Bruce Banner’s insight and experience could lead the department in a positive direction, but things began to go wrong when they started researching anger.  Cohen revealed how these beings can influence a person’s anger through mind control.

Now before you judge Harvard too harshly, who can better understand anger better than Bruce Banner?  He of all people knows the importance of controlling ones temper — who else can say, “Hey you won’t like me when I’m angry,”… Well, Why? “Well I turn into a giant green rage monster than can snap you like a toothpick with a flick of my pinky and smash any and everything I come in contact with.”  Given those credentials, the Radcliffe Institute felt Banner could give insight on the importance of maintaining your cool when a scarlet witch is messing with your brain and an ancient scepter with a stone was effecting your moods, behavior, etc.

The incident that occurred that force Dean Cohen’s decision was that a young research assistant with disdain for any and all Avengers began making rude and vulgar statements about Dr. Banner’s personal life — how Betty Ross left him because of their love life (or lack there of) given his current condition and how Black Widow will eventually leave him to.  Now what happened after that is still fuzzy, but it was reported the Hulk destroyed the whole left wing of the lab.  The whole building had to be evacuated and the city Cambridge was on lock down for 7 hours.  Luckily, the young research assistant is shockingly still alive, but will be eating out of a tube for the next six months given every bone in his body is broken.  Tony Stark has agreed to pay for the damages and the young research assistant is also not pressing any charges because he doesn’t think it’s a good idea to make Dr. Banner angry again.