13 Feb Where Are They Now: Doug Macray

Security around Levi Stadium was increased last week as it was reported that wanted and suspected criminal Doug MacRay was spotted in town.  Mr. MacRay is wanted in connection with the Fenway Park robbery that happened in 2010.  He and his crew robbed Fenway Park dressed as policemen during a Red Sox game.  The criminals simply walked into the cash room, passed security, flashed a few badges and robbed the place.  Thanks to a tip however, MacRay and his crew were stopped, a firefight ensued killing most of Doug’s gang.  He managed to survive and escape with a good chunk of the money and hasn’t been seen since.

Many suspect that MacRay was planning something for the Super-Bowl given that it’s the biggest event of the year and the cash on hand at the stadium was astronomical.  Rumors are swirling that his next heist may take place at the Air Canada Centre during the NBA’s All-Star Game — we’ll keep you posted on any new develops.