25 Jan Where Are They Now: Captain Dickson

We recently spoke with Captain Dickson about the successful drug sting operations his “Jump Street Unit” were able to pull off.   Dickson couldn’t go in depth or he would blow the cover of his officers, but he the Captain did give the source of inspiration for his Unit.  “To be honest we got our inspiration from Hollywood.  Hollywood is always doing reboots so we decided to just reboot the drug sting operation.  Let me give you an example — I’m watching Spiderman with my family, thinking I’m gonna see Tobey Maguire swinging around, but instead I saw Andrew Garfield.   Then I go to watch the Fantastic Four movie and I see some black dude as Johnny Storm, now thinking back on it,  it made sense because earlier in the day I was watching the Johnny Storm movie where he fights the guy with the Metal arm and couldn’t see why he didn’t ask his sister or brother in law to help, the “Thing” was no where to be found, and to top it off he didn’t [flame on] once for the whole entire movie which was weird”.  The Captain’s explained that his wife responded “no babe, they rebooted these movies.”

“If Hollywood runs out of fresh ideas and it works for them, why can’t it work for us?”  said Dickson.  “So we rebooted the Jump Street Unit and you know what, like any successful franchise in a few years we will reboot it again.”