26 Dec Where Are They Now: Captain America

Time magazine recently did a piece for its year end review issue.  The magazine caught up with the “star spangled man with a plan” himself Mr. Steve Rogers, also known as Captain America.  They touched on topics such as war, fourth amendment, alien invasions, and even what it’s like dating at 90 plus years old.

Cap was very candid in his interview about how he felt guilt over what happened to Bucky Barnes.  The war vet also explained how he would not stop fighting for this country no matter how divisive things can get and later added he feels hydra is single greatest threat to democracy the free world has ever faced.  To end the interview, the reporter asked Cap if he ever finished his bucket list — it is a list of all the things Cap needs to get caught up on after being frozen for so long and includes everything from world history, to entertainment, sports, etc.  Captain America responded with “No I haven’t finished my to do list yet.  I’ve watched all the Rocky movies, listened to all Beatles albums the only thing that’s left is Star Wars.”  He admitted to watching the original trilogy, but with Episode 7 in theaters, he wasn’t sure if he should finish the prequels or skip on ahead to the theater.  The article will be on news stands everywhere New Years Eve.