18 Dec Where Are They Now: Black Widow & The Hulk

E! News is reporting that Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow is secretly dating Bruce Banner aka The Incredible Hulk.  The two were spotted leaving Ms. Romanoff’s apartment heading to a very cozy restaurant downtown.  Natasha, the assassin turned Avenger, is no stranger to tabloid gossip — she has been linked to Hawkeye, Steve Rogers and Tony Stark in the past.  But E! News is standing by their sources claiming the two really grew close during the Ultron crisis.  Also, the source close to the Avengers says Romanoff, in a very special way, was able to keep the Green Monster calm and help him return to his alter ego Banner when the fighting was over.  One thing E! News was not able get was a comment from Betty Ross, Banner’s ex.  The two were deeply in love but given that her father tried to capture him so many times it’s likely that put a strain on their relationship.  We’ll keep you posted on any news of this budding romance.