08 Feb Wade Wilson (Deadpool): Mutant

Wade Wilson aka Deadpool died on May 1, 2009 after engaging in battle with The Wolverine and Victor Creed.  The mercenary turned “Weapon XI” had gone through some gruesome and extensive experiments by Colonel William Stryker.  The “Merc with the mouth” or in this case the “Merc with the mouth shut”, had his mouth shut and wired together for no apparent reason by Stryker.  It was almost as if Stryker was afraid he would break the fourth wall or something.  As mentioned, despite being experimented on and having a myriad of mutant powers pooled together, Mr. Wilson was no match for the Wolverine and Victor Creed — he was subsequently decapitated in his failed attempt to kill them.

Former buddies of Wilson pointed out that the head was missing from the crime scene and hold out hope that he’s still somewhere alive and kicking.   If there is a silver lining into this mess, it’s Wade Wilson was thought to be dead before, here’s to hoping for a resurrection in the not too distant future.