13 May The “Assassin’s Creed” Trailer Reaction & Review

YouTube’s Couch Tomato sits down with PD to discuss movies and the pros and cons of Hollywood’s most popular films from a movie fanatic’s point of view vs. a normal person’s opinion.

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0:00 Intro

0:55 Contest Details

3:47 Assassin’s Creed Trailer vs. Apollo Creed Movie (P.D. doesn’t watch movies)

6:11 Angry Birds reference

6:20 Prince of Persia & Mortal Kombat reference

6:27: Scott Pilgrims Saves The World reference

6:34 Wreck It Ralph reference

7:29 Harry Potter reference (Mad Eye)

7:42 MacBeth reference

8:26 horrible joke

8:40 X-Men: Apocalypse reference

8:52 Couch, PD, & Hulk begin to discuss the trailer

11:09 Music in the trailer

11:47 Bad video game movies

13:42 Couch talks about genres that can compete with superhero comic book genre films

15:43 How can they make this film successful?

16:49 Couch talks about video games that have potential to be great films

19:05 Couch talks about the upcoming Video Game Movies for 2016 

19:29 Mega Man discussion

19:51 Sonic the Hedgehog reference

20:34 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers reference

21:51 Couch, PD, and Hulk rate The Assassin’s Creed Trailer 

22:21 Batman v. Superman trailer

23:16 Where can you find us weekly

24:17 Outro

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