07 Mar
Where Were They Then: Mad Max

[vc_row row_type="row" use_row_as_full_screen_section="no" type="full_width" angled_section="no" text_align="left" background_image_as_pattern="without_pattern" css_animation=""][vc_column][vc_column_text]War has broken out all over the world.  People are dying everywhere and gas prices are now a whopping 12.65 a gallon!  The world has literally gone mad!  With starvation at an all time high, we spoke with a Max Rockatansky, who had a few tips on how to survive the upcoming apocalypse.  "Obviously, we...

16 Feb
Where Are They Now: Thor

The "god of thunder" is in trouble again.  Thor is now banned from every bar in New York City.  Maybe it's an Asgardian thing, but for whatever reason, Thor likes to smash glasses of beer to the ground whenever he's finished -- you can imagine how upset bar owners can get.  Each night starts off similar, Thor walks into the bar...

15 Feb
Where Were They Then: Mark Watney

NASA is planning on sending people to Mars in the not too distant future.  The organization recently released the names of a few candidates they are planning to send -- Astronaut Mark Watney will be one of them. Watney is a botanist and mechanical engineer.  The missions will be set around the year 2035.  When asked about the idea of going, Watney...

13 Feb
Where Are They Now: Doug Macray

Security around Levi Stadium was increased last week as it was reported that wanted and suspected criminal Doug MacRay was spotted in town.  Mr. MacRay is wanted in connection with the Fenway Park robbery that happened in 2010.  He and his crew robbed Fenway Park dressed as policemen during a Red Sox game.  The criminals simply walked into the cash...

08 Feb
Where Are They Now: Jason Bourne

"The NYPD is still after Jason Bourne" -- Police Commissioner William Bratton said as much in an interview with the New York times.  Bratton stressed the embarrassment of Bourne stealing the department's Chevy Impala police car and causing so much damage to not only the city, but to the department's reputation. The NYPD shouldn't feel to bad though -- Bourne has been embarrassing...

29 Jan
Where Are They Now: Sam Witwicky

Sam Witwicky was sighted at a Washington Starbucks yesterday afternoon.  The 26 year old fled the scene in a yellow Datsun 510 sedan with twin black racing stripes before local law enforcement could apprehend him.  Witwicky has been on the FBI’s Most Wanted list since he was charged with the murder of Dylan Gould, former board of directors member for...

26 Jan
Where Are They Now: Mystique

In what would've been Barack H Obama's final State of the Union address, the event will now have to be re-done after it was revealed that it wasn't even the 44th U.S president giving the speech.  It turns out, the imposter was the mutant assassin Raven Darkhölme aka "Mystique" giving the address.  The secret service reported that Mystique attacked them...

25 Jan
Where Are They Now: Captain Dickson

We recently spoke with Captain Dickson about the successful drug sting operations his "Jump Street Unit" were able to pull off.   Dickson couldn't go in depth or he would blow the cover of his officers, but he the Captain did give the source of inspiration for his Unit.  "To be honest we got our inspiration from Hollywood.  Hollywood is...

22 Jan
Where Are They Now: Adonis Creed

The feud between Tony Kornheiser and Adonis Creed continues after the two were in a near altercation -- well I should say Creed swung at him and missed.  The feud started way back when Kornheiser on his "Pardon the Interruption" program airing on ESPN, said that the Creed's family felt ashamed since they hid the fact Adonis was Apollo's son.  Then...

21 Jan
Where Are They Now: Pete Ross

The IHOP v. Superman court case has been thrown out as their star witness Pete Ross actually defended and sided with the "Man of Steel".  The International House of Pancakes tried to recuperate its losses after Superman crashed into one of their restaurants in Smallville, Kansas.  Even though Superman was in the midst of fighting one of the Kryptonian menaces, Sub-Commander Faora-Ul...