07 Mar
Storm: Mutant

Ororo Monroe aka "Storm" died in the "not too distant" future after a mutant killing machine, know as a Sentinel, stabbed her in back and flung her off a roof.  Storm and the rest of the X-Men were having a last stand against the Sentinels, but over time, they proved to be no match.  It has been reported that Kitty Pryde, with the guidance...

17 Feb
Marie Helene Kreutz

Marie Helene Kreutz died in Goa, India on July 23, 2004.  The 28 year old was shot while aiding and abetting Jason Bourne, a former assassin wanted in connection with the assassination of Nykwana Wombosi.  Marie, the accomplice to Bourne, was driving a car when she was fatally shot by a Russian assassin.  The car then plunged into a nearby river...

15 Feb
Dan Evans: Rancher

Rancher and Civil War veteran, Daniel Evans, died of a gunshot wound in August of 1884.  The impoverished rancher was trying to earn some extra money by transporting fugitive Ben Wade.   He was tasked with getting him on the 3:10 pm train to Yuma Territorial Prison.  Evans ended up being killed by one of Wade's gang members.  He is survived...

13 Feb
Vincent: Hitman

On August 6, 2004, Vincent was found dead on a train slumped over with a gunshot wound.  Vincent was hired by high-ranking members of the Sinaloa Cartel to assassinate 4 witnesses and a prosecutor because of a grand jury indictment against Felix Reyes-Torrena, a member of the cartel in charge of the "El Rodeo" nightclub, a drug front in Los Angeles....

08 Feb
Wade Wilson (Deadpool): Mutant

Wade Wilson aka Deadpool died on May 1, 2009 after engaging in battle with The Wolverine and Victor Creed.  The mercenary turned "Weapon XI" had gone through some gruesome and extensive experiments by Colonel William Stryker.  The "Merc with the mouth" or in this case the "Merc with the mouth shut", had his mouth shut and wired together for no...

05 Feb
Carlito Brigante: Gangster

Carlito Brigante died on November 10, 1979 after being shot 3 times close range in the abdomen while trying to board a train at Grand Central station.  Witnesses say that the shooter was Benny Blanco.  The two had beef from an incident at a night club in which ironically, Brigante spared his life.  Carlito is survived by his longtime girlfriend...

Old Yeller
29 Jan
Old Yeller: Man’s Best Friend

Old Yeller was murdered in cold blood after a bullet to the body from his owner Travis Coates in 1860.  Old Yeller was a loyal companion and every man’s best friend.  He sustained hydrophobia after protecting his owners from an attack by a rabid wolf and then the trigger happy Coates shot the hero a couple of weeks after the...

26 Jan
Leon: Hitman

Leon, the Professional, died on November 18, 1994 after he was in a brutal shootout and a subsequent explosion took his life as wells as the cops and a crooked DEA Agent named Stansfield.  Leon was a skilled marksman taking out a whole swat team with just a Beretta 92.  Despite being a hitman for Tony, a local mafioso, Leon lived...

25 Jan
Obadiah Stane: Iron Monger

Obadiah Stane died on May 2nd 2008 after a battle with the Iron Man.  He died in an apparent explosion at one of Stark's facilities.  The diabolic corporate tycoon had been responsible for kidnapping Mr. Stark in an effort to take full control of Stark Industries and its innovative technology.  The two had been in disagreement over Mr. Stark's arc...

22 Jan
Maggie Fitzgerald: Boxer

Maggie Fitzgerald will be laid to rest in a private ceremony after passing away from health complications when she became a quadriplegic -- Fitzgerald passed on the 15th of December in 2004.  The 33 year old former waitress overcame much adversity in her life and became a very successful boxer.   She was able to secure a $1 million match in...