25 Jan Obadiah Stane: Iron Monger

Obadiah Stane died on May 2nd 2008 after a battle with the Iron Man.  He died in an apparent explosion at one of Stark’s facilities.  The diabolic corporate tycoon had been responsible for kidnapping Mr. Stark in an effort to take full control of Stark Industries and its innovative technology.  The two had been in disagreement over Mr. Stark’s arc reactor technology and what direction to to take the organization.  Stane had been in Stark Industries for years working with Tony’s father, Howard Stark, and being one of the main visionaries of the company, but his vision, greed and lust for power may have gotten the best of him as he nearly killed Stark by ripping the arc reactor out of Stark’s chest.  No date has been set for a funeral service or memorial.