02 Jun Where are they now: Richmond Valentine

Russell Simmons co founder of Def Jam and ceo of Rush Communications has filed for bankruptcy. You see after the world found out the multi billionaire Richmond Valentine was an international supervillain hell bent on world destruction every business venture and investment he was involved suffered greatly. Mcdonalds saw its revenue drop dramatically, “Valentine the Movie” bombed at the box office. Companies left and right have gone under, stock options plummeted. Even the holiday, Valentine’s day has suffered as couples have celebrated it less this past year even though it has nothing to do with Richmond. But the case with Russell Simmons is a little strange given that he never did any business with Valentine. So why the sudden drop in capital? Well Russell Simmons stated in court documents that it is because he resembles Richmond Valentine. Valentine wears a baseball cap, Adidas clothing and talks with a lisp. Simmons wears a baseball cap, Adidas clothing, and Simmons says he used to talk with a lisp but doesn’t anymore however his lawyers are arguing that because of the perception that he is Valentine, people are afraid to support his business ventures because he’ll kidnap, torture, and control their minds. People are not buying his cellphones because they feel he will use the cell phones as some sort of mind control similar to what Valentine did. Russell Simmons is one the greatest African American Entrepreneurs in the past few decades its sad that another black man has brought him down.