17 Feb Marie Helene Kreutz

Marie Helene Kreutz died in Goa, India on July 23, 2004.  The 28 year old was shot while aiding and abetting Jason Bourne, a former assassin wanted in connection with the assassination of Nykwana Wombosi.  Marie, the accomplice to Bourne, was driving a car when she was fatally shot by a Russian assassin.  The car then plunged into a nearby river where her body was found — Bourne however, survived the crash.

Not much is known about Bourne and Ms. Kreutz’s relationship.  Authorities believe the two met at the U.S embassy in Zurich Switzerland, and a working theory is that she was a vital part in helping Bourne regain his memory after suffering from amnesia.  Authorities also believe that the two were lovers.  Ms Kreutz is survived by a step brother and will be laid to rest next to her father.