22 Jan Maggie Fitzgerald: Boxer

Maggie Fitzgerald will be laid to rest in a private ceremony after passing away from health complications when she became a quadriplegic — Fitzgerald passed on the 15th of December in 2004.  The 33 year old former waitress overcame much adversity in her life and became a very successful boxer.   She was able to secure a $1 million match in Las Vegas, Nevada against the WBA women’s welterweight champion, Billie “The Blue Bear”, a German ex-prostitute who has a reputation for being a dirty boxer.  Maggie was able to recover after  a shaky start — she started to actually turn the momentum of the fight in her favor, but after a round had ended, Billie hit Maggie with an illegal sucker punch from behind after the bell had sounded.  Unfortunately, before Frankie Dunn, Fitzgerald’s trainer, could pull the corner stool out of the way, Maggie landed hard on it, breaking her neck and leaving her a ventilator-dependent quadriplegic.

Nicknamed Mo Chuisle, which is Irish for “my darling” was born 2 pounds two ounces.  Her dad used to say she fought her way into this world and she ultimately would fight her way out.  She is survived by few estranged family members and Frankie Dunn her trainer.