21 Jan Le Chiffre: Banker/Accountant

Believed by MI6 to be born in Albania, the money launderer, mathematical genius Le Chiffre was gunned down by the terrorist organization that hired him in the month of July 2006 in Montenegro after his plan to launder money was foiled by MI6 and the CIA.  He had been on both governments’ radar since the Sept 11th attacks as he may have directly funded the terroritsts.  Le Chiffre, who suffered from haemolacria which caused him to weep blood and use a platinum, benzedrine inhaler, was in the midst of laundering money through poker games.  Knowing this, the U.S government and MI6 sent undercover agents to thwart his plan.  Le Chiffre was able to win a few hands, but in the end, his luck ran out.  After his failure, his employers were obviously not pleased and took action.  The 35 year old had no family or real friends.  He is survived by no one.