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CouchRaised in South Florida by a single mother and a 25” Panasonic WMCC-570 television, Couch Tomato learned how to kiss, how to say no to drugs, how to be a teenager, a man, and all of life’s other lessons from a daily dose of network TV.  A true movie junkie, Couch’s cable got cut off when he was 3 years old.  To overcompensate for his loss, he would watch movies in Spanish on Telemundo and make up the plots in his head and when he was old enough to get a library card, him and his siblings checked out VHSs and DVDs of “good” and “bad” movies at their local libraries up until his high school years.

HulkSmashI’m a 28 year old Haitian American from New Jersey, nothing too exciting but I can say this that ever since I can remember I have always loved movies. Growing up as kid I remember  my first movie experience seeing Batman Forever. Till this day the popcorn smell takes me back to that first experience.  It was awesome (or at least I thought at the time).  The size of the screen floored me! I didn’t even notice the spilled soda that stuck to my feet or the fact that my sister had eaten the majority of popcorn. That day forever changed me. Movies became my passion. There are other things that define me but movies is definitely at the top of my list.